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Minsk region, Belarus

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Chapter 1. Our products

Pressed sugar with natural additives

We offer you the sugar produced under the trade mark "Gorodeya sugar": All the best and sweetest for you!


Pressed sugar shaped as card suits would be an original fare both in your office and at home and delicious sweetener for your drinks.

Pressed sugar with CINNAMON shaped as card suits


Sugar with cinnamon will help to diversify the taste of habitual drinks. Many people enjoy cinnamon odor and taste - a bit heady, slightly sweet and sometimes tender.

This sugar goes very well with coffee and herbal tea.

Composition: sugar ground  cinnamon.

After using sugar with cinnamon remains sediment, which confirms the presence in composition the natural ground cinnamon.

Pressed sugar with LEMON shaped as card suits


Everyone knows a great combination of tea and lemon. Do you need to make tea with lemon? All you need -  to add some lumps the sugar with bright lemon flavour to your favourite tea.

Dry powder of lemon is used as a natural additive..

The aroma of lemon helps to concentrate, invigorates and energizes.

Pressed Sugar with WILD BERRIES odor and taste shaped as card suits


Sugar with wild berries is an excellent decoration of any table and a real fount of the finest flavors of summer nature.

This is truly a precious treasure, and it will be a delightful find for a true gourmet.

It consists of only natural additives - natural powder, made from dried berries, and natural flavoring. 

Pressed Sugar with RASPBERRY odor and taste shaped as card suits


Adding sugar with raspberries to your favorite drink will bring an unforgettable pleasure.

You will plunge into the world of magic fragrances of a fabulous summer and a sunny mood!

In the composition of only natural additives - natural raspberry powder made from dried berries, and natural flavor. Perhaps the formation of small flakes, and this is confirmation that in the composition - dry raspberries!

500 g – box
– 12 boxes in a corrugated-paper carton (6 кг)

On the issuers of buying pressed sugar with natural additives, please contact: 

Marketing Department
tel. +375 1770 62 446
fax +375 1770 58 226
e-mail: marketing@gsr.by

Our produce can be acquired through official importers in the following countries.

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