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History of development


In 1956, the Government of the Republic of Belarus decided to build a second sugar factory. This is how sugar production was born in the Nesvizh district in the village of Gorodeya.


Garigim Misakovich Eranosyan was appointed director of the plant under construction.


The plant was built in just three years. The plant was launched in the presence of specialists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. From December 10 to December 20, 1959, hot rolling was carried out, all the mechanisms of the plant were debugged.


On December 24, beetroot arrived at the plant from beet receiving points, and on december 26, at 11 o'clock, we received the first sugar!

This is how the second Belarusian sugar factory started!

During the start-up of the plant, Leonid Mikhailovich Vladimirsky was appointed as the new director.


The new plant was striking in its scale. In 1961, the plant processed 1,500 sugar beets daily and produced 150 tons of granulated sugar.


On February 2, 1971, Alexander Georgievich Maksimovich was appointed director of the plant.

In 1971, a new technology for the production of sugar from raw sugar coming from Cuba was introduced.

March 26

Mikhail Vasilyevich Kryshtapovich was appointed Director of JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery».


In four years the technical re-equipment of the enterprise was carried out, and in the next few years, a large-scale modernization of production was carried out.

As a result of the large-scale reconstruction, our enterprise is equipped with high-performance, energy-saving, efficient modern equipment.

March 30

Igor Nikolaevich Makar was appointed General Director by the meeting of the Supervisory Board of JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery».