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About the enterprise

JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery» is a modern multi-profile enterprise aimed at producing high-quality products in accordance with international standards and consumer requirements. It is a part of the concern «Belgospishcheprom».

We produce more than
10 types of sugar!

You have the opportunity to choose sugar to suit your
taste and mood. We offer an excellent choice of
convenient packaging.

Only high-quality natural raw materials are used for the production of sugar under the trademark «Gorodeysky sugar». 

The brand has successfully established itself on the market of Belarus, the countries of the near and far abroad.

Fruit products under the trademark «Fruit casket» are natural products, for the production of which the latest equipment is used with the use of advanced technologies.

We preserve the taste, color, vitamin and mineral composition of fresh berries and fruits.

This is the distinctive feature of our fruit products.

Product range


White crystalline sugar

White lump sugar in the form of: cubes, «bridge» (in the form of card suits) with cinnamon, with the aroma and taste of lemon, with the aroma and taste of raspberries, with the aroma and taste of wild berries.

Powdered sugar: with and without an anti-caking agent, with natural additives - vanilla, cinnamon.

Lollipop sugar on a stick: from white sugar, from cane sugar. 

Cane sugar

Fruit products

Apple jam

Apple podvarka in assortment

Fruit fillings in assortment

Confitures in assortment

Cranberries mashed with sugar

Portion products: honey, jam - 25 g each

Jam with a reduced sugar content

Juice products

Fruit and berry fillers

Vegetable products


Stable partner work and an established supply system allows us to regularly and consistently, throughout the calendar year, ensure the sale of our products to all regular customers and new customers.

A well-coordinated team of professionals will always help you find the optimal solution in each specific situation.

We guarantee high quality products and uncompromising fulfillment of obligations.

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