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General manager's message

Makar Igor Nikolaevich

General Director of JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery»

JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery» is a reliable partner and manufacturer of exceptionally high-quality products.

All the positive initiatives of recent years have formed the basis for a new stage in the development of our enterprise. This stage will be accompanied by an expansion of the range and an increase in the volume of products, an increase in production capacity.

Following the global trends in the sugar industry, we are expanding our range with new types of sugar.

There are more than 10 types of sugar on the market already.

Along with the production of sugar, JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery» is constantly searching for areas where the company has competitive advantages – this is the production of natural fruit products.

We strive to achieve a level of product quality that would meet all the requirements of the European markets: through improving the level of personnel qualification, through training programs and experience exchange programs, as well as modernization and updating of the technical base of the enterprise.

The future of JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Refinery» depends on what we are thinking about and what we are doing today!