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He needs our help!

03 May 2021

The parents of the boy are contacting you, who in 2015 were informed by doctors that Vanya's neuroblastoma, which had already sprouted into the spinal canal, affected the back muscles, the family found out about it on the day when his son turned four. Metastases to the lungs and lymph nodes.

We have a third relapse, the disease has returned again. We are being treated in Spain, we have no alternative treatment, we have been treated twice with antibodies, spinal surgery, a bunch of chemotherapy and three radiotherapy, this month we were examined and the plates on the spine were extended in Spain, the examination showed that the radiation treatment (which was in Belarus) did not help, there were foci on the pelvic bones.

Spanish doctors offered to do two chemotherapies, radiation and then new antibodies along with chemistry. In their opinion, this should help. We have already passed one chemotherapy, but Ivan has a broken plate on his spine and it needs to be changed first. Then radiation, chemistry and more chemotherapy with antibodies.

There is no such treatment in Belarus. We were billed for 156.990 euros and started treatment in debt, they said time is not waiting. We have already appealed to everyone many times, but understand that we have nowhere to take money for the treatment of our son. We fought so hard for Vanyusha to live, we are in despair sleepless nights, constant terrible fear for his life – such an insignificant price for this dear little man to continue to LIVE! The life of the little boy Ivan depends on your decision.


You can transfer funds to a charity account: 

The charity account was opened in the branch 511-Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya str., 1; UNP 100325912; MFO AKVVVU2X: The recipient of the payment of Belarusbank OJSC

- Belarusian RUBLES - transit account VU28AKVV38193821000170000000 to the charity account BY08AKBB31340000017655220401 in the department 511/401, indefinite. The bank's code is 795.

Purpose of payment: For crediting to the charitable account of Borisyuk Alexander Dmitrievich for expenses related to the treatment and rehabilitation of Borisyuk's son Ivan Alexandrovich.


And you can also replenish the balance of bodies opened for the treatment of Vanyusha. MTS +375292118185

https://belarusbank.by/ru/33139/33142/30394/blagotvoritelnost/5255 A

film about Ivan's treatment in Spain was made on YouTube:     https://youtu.be/Bt9mLeqmYjo

 Our email: rardiz@mail.ru