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2 Zavodskaya Str.,
222611 Gorodeya,
Minsk region, Belarus

Tel. + 375 1770 62 524
Fax + 375 1770 57 457
E-mail: info@gsr.by





Chapter 2. Enterprise

The enterprise characteristic

The JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery" is an up-to-date multisectoral enterprise aimed at production of quality goods in conformity with international standards and consumers’ requirements.

We produce over 10 kinds of sugar! You are able to choose the sugar to your taste and liking. We offer an excellent choice of handy prepacking.

For production of sugar under the trade name "Gorodeya Sugar" , only high-quality natural raw material is used. The brand is highly reputed on the Belarusian market and in neighbouring and distant foreign countries.

Fruit produce under the trade name "Fruit coffer" is a natural product manufactured at the most advanced equipment with application of progressive technology. We preserve taste, colour, vitamins and mineral composition of fresh berries and fruit. It is a distinctive feature of our fruit produce.

Please refer to a wide range of choice of our produce:


1. Sugar white granulated in conformity with State Standard 33222-2015, TC2 and EXTRA categories.

2.  Pressed sugar shaped as:

   - cubes

   - "bridge" (card suits)

3.   Pressed sugar shaped as card suits with natural additives:

   - cinnamon;

   - Lemon odor and taste;

   - Raspberries odor and taste;

   - Wild Berries odor and taste

4.  Sugar powder:

    - with anticloddin agent and without it;

    - with Vanilla;

    - with Cinnamon.

5.  Candy Sugar on a Stick:

    - from white sugar;

    - from cane sugar.




1. JAM pasteurized (200 g glass jar) in a stock;

2. Marmalades pasteurized (350 g glass jar) in assortment;

3. Produce in single shot containers – honey, marmalade, 25 g.

4. Cranberries, grated with sugar

5. Fruit fillings in assortment

    Apple Products:

6. Apple Jam;

7. Semi-finished apple products in assortment




1. Molasses

2. Wet pulp

3. Dry beet pulp in pellets

4. Defecation (filtration) sludge

Our website you can get familiarized with helpful information and make a bid or offer for any product.

Stable partnership and tuned delivery system permits to ensure, on a regular basis, over the annual time, dispatching of our produce to all the constant customers and new purchasers.

The well-co-ordinated professional team will always help to find an optimal solution in any particular situation.

We guarantee a high-quality produce and uncompromising fulfillment of commitments.