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Chapter 2. Enterprise

Raw-material base

The sugar is produced from the local or imported raw sugar. In the Republic of Belarus, 70% of sugar is produced from sugar-beet.

The quality and quantity of sugar depends on the merits of the sugar-beet received for processing from the beet piling station.

The production process for granulated sugar starts at preparation of seeds and soils, arrangement of timely sowing and fertilizing, herbicide application, harvesting and transportation to the beet piling station. Correct storing of sugar-beet is also very important. This process is supervised by the Company’s Raw Department in common with the experts of the sugar-beet growing farms.

        For harvesting, the company applies domestic machines ("KSN-6", "PPK-6", “Polesye»”) and foreign machines ("KLEINE SF-10", "HOLMER", “ROPA“ , “AGRIFAC”).

        The sugar-beet comes to the refinery from the beet receiving stations in Gorodeya, Zelva, Molodechno,Volozhin. The quality control and sampling of the quality product is accomplished by the laboratories of raw materials at the beet receiving stations equipped with up-to-date equipment. The quality of beet is assessed in compliance with the standard STB 1893-2008.

        SUGAR-BEET PROCCESSING is a waste-free production. An average hectare of lands yields about 41 tons of clean roots without tops for extraction of about 5 tons of sugar. Besides sugar, the beet processing yields such associated goods as pulp, molasses and hydralime. 8 tons of fresh pulp, 0,4–0,5 tons of molasses, 0,7–0,8 tons of hydralime are obtained from 10 tons of sugar-beet . The agrotechnical and economical importance of sugar-beet is exceptionally big. The bringing of sugar-beet into crop rotation promotes a higher level of general farming standards, efficiency of crop rotation and intensification of agricultural production.