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2 Zavodskaya Str.,
222611 Gorodeya,
Minsk region, Belarus

Tel. + 375 1770 62 524
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Chapter 6. Inn FOR FRIENDS


In 1791, the first tavern was built in Gorodeya, where tradesmen and purchasers could relax and discuss their bargains. Traditions of hospitality passed from one generation to another which is reflected in the new restaurant “Tavern For Friends” now. The name itself points to the friendly atmosphere and hospitality of this public house.

This is a place for meetings and business negotiations, parties and just ... for the good of one's soul.

"Tavern For Friends" is a restaurant of Belarusian and European cuisine. The chef prepares exceptional and familiar traditional dishes, giving them his own approach. Advanced technologies and high-class, professional equipment from the leading manufacturers of Belarus, Russia, Germany and Italy are used to enhance flavor and preserve all the useful properties of the ingredients.

In the menu, there are many familiar recipes: pancakes with caviar, ham and eggplant rolls, herring under a coat, a variety of steaks, etc., but at the same time, each dish is very special. The impression is of something fresh, natural and very domestic. But the domestic does not mean primitive but, rather, cooked with love.

In our menu, you will find a wide selection of dishes cooked according to old recipes.

Roomy and spacious hall of the restaurant has 140 seats and, at the bar, about 20 people can be accommodated.

The hall is equipped with a modern sound system and a projection screen at size of 3x2 m. Visitors who like to watch sports games, support their favorite team are always welcome.

All furniture is made of wood, which promotes warmth and cosiness of the interior. The waiters have extensive experience in the restaurant business. This means that you are guaranteed a quality service.

Our restaurant is simple, and its elegant simplicity recalls its true purpose, i.e. you must enjoy the food and its taste.

We are looking forward to work for you!