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2 Zavodskaya Str.,
222611 Gorodeya,
Minsk region, Belarus

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Chapter 4. Cultural & Sport Activities


        A sports centre of the JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery" is always open for those who love exercise and sport. It has been functioning for over 15 years. Working hours: from 14.00 to 22.00, closed on Monday. Visitors are offered services of the sports hall, two gyms, two swimming pools (for adults and children), 2 saunas.

        Annually, internal sports competitions in football, volleyball, table tennis, billiards, swimming, darts are held.

        "NIAT-NAM" is an ancient Vietnamese combat and healing system. It is based on breathing, static and dynamic exercises. These exercises are original, and not similar to those of other known systems. This system improves functioning of the nervous system, develops fine motor function, improves coordination, teaches care and assiduity, develops memory, improves functioning of respiratory organs, provides effective self-defense skills, and discipline.

        In 2004, the amateur football team "Gorodeya" was organized and, in 2011, it was registered as FOOTBALL CLUB "Gorodeya".
The football players train five times a week in the gym or on their own soccer field, reconstructed to meet modern requirements. There are stands with seats for 1020 spectators which will be increased to two thousand. Our football team is known for many victories. On the pages of project “Match begins” (www.kick-off.by), Gorodeya football fans can follow the latest developments of their favourite team. The site reflects the statistics of the Football Club over the past few years.

        The JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery" is also one of the founders of the Hockey Club "Dynamo-Minsk".