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2 Zavodskaya Str.,
222611 Gorodeya,
Minsk region, Belarus

Tel. + 375 1770 62 524
Fax + 375 1770 57 457
E-mail: info@gsr.by





Chapter 1. Our products

Our products

        JSC Gorodeya Sugar Refinery produces SUGAR, made from domestic sugar beet.

        Our products are used in the following food industry branches: confectionary, milk-canning branch, vegetable and fruit canning, soft drinks, bakery, weingut, etc.

        The current technologies in sugar production at the refinery provide the product output complying with requirements of Standards and specifications. The enterprise is provided with normative-technical and production documentation for the produced products and the raw material and accessory materials used in the process.

        FRUIT PRODUCTS producing is based on the processing of apples grown in the Republic of Belarus as well as imported raw materials. Our company has mastered production of apple jam, semi-finished fruit products, fillings, jams and marmalades.

        The by-products of sugar producting as  molasses and beet pulp are also significant.

      MOLASSES. It is used as raw material for production of ethyl alcohol, food acids, bakery and fodder yeast, for extraction of remaining sugar as well as for additives into agricultural fodder.

        BEET PULP. It is good fodder for the cattle due to high content of cellulose, pectins and other useful substance. Pelleted dry beet pulp аs for fodder value is close to concentrated feeds, sustains long-term storage, being suitable for feeding animals, and used as carbohydrate fodder instead of root crops. Production capacity of the plant for the production of dry pulp pellets attains 100 tons per day.

        FILTER SEDIMENT is the by-product of the production of sugar of beet, which is used as lime fertilizer. Introduction of defecate increases not only the crop capacity of the fields (for sugar beet - by 20-40 centner/ha, for winter wheat - by 5-6 centner/ha, perennial grasses - by up to 10 centner/ha), but also the sugar content in sugar beet by 0.2-0.4%.