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Chapter 1. Our products

Sugar beet molasses

SUGAR BEET MOLASSES are by-product of beet-sugar processing used as raw material for the production of ethyl alcohol, food acids, bakery and fodder yeast as well as an additive for livestock feed.

The product is thick, non-transparent liquid, from brown to dark-brown colour, with odour peculiar to sugar beet molasses, sweet taste, completely soluble in hot and cold water.

The products which can be obtained from molasses through fermentation are as follows. The anaerobic process yieds ethyl alcohol, glycerine, butanol, acetone, butyleneglycol, lactic, butyric, propionic and other acids. The aerobic process yieds gluconic, citric, fumaric, oxalic and acetic acids as well as dioxicetone. The production of baker's yeast is based on reproduction of yeast in liquid nutrient medium prepared of molasses.

 Characteristics of molasses

Item on source data

Normalized value of parameter

Unit measure





Thick viscous non-transparent liquid

GOST 30561-98 it.7.2

Solubility in water

Fully dissolvable  in any ratio in hot and cold water

GOST 30561-98 it.7.2


From brown to dark-brown

GOST 30561-98 it.7.2


Sweet, with bitterish smack

GOST 30561-98 it.7.2


Peculiar to sugar-beet molasses without strange smell

GOST 30561-98 it.7.2

Mass fraction of dry substance

Not less than 75,0


GOST 30561-98 it.7.3

Mass fraction of saccharose

Not less than 43,0


GOST 30561-98 it.7.4

Mass fraction of total fermentable sugar

Not less than 44,0


GOST 30561-98 it.7.5

рН value


GOST 30561-98 it.7.6

Preparation for use


Country of origin

Republic of Belarus


Tank lorry for food liquids, rail tank car at observance of rules of transportation according to marks and symbols (GOST 14192)

Storage conditions

In cleaned closed metal tanks

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