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Chapter 1. Our products

Sugar-beet pulp

SUGAR-BEET PULP is a by-product of sugar-beet pulp processing; it is used as fodder for livestock. As for nutritiousness, the pulp is between oats and hay, contains anazotic, easy-to-digest substances, 1,5 times more than hay and almost as much as oats.

The JSC “Gorodeya Sugar Refinery” has mastered production of DRY BEET PULP IN PELLETS. As for nutritiousness, this kind of pulp approaches concentrated food, bears long storage, it is easy to feed animals; is used in rations as carbohydrate fodder instead of root crops. The company’s capacity on production of pelletized pulp amounts to 100 t/day.

On November 22, 2009, our company received a certificate of conformity to good management practice GMP В 2. The supervision of feed produce quality in the production of dry (palletized) sugar-beet pulp which proves the safety of the products released.  See  here.

Characteristics of sugar-beet pulp

Item on source data

Normalized  value of parameter

Unit measure




Loose, pelletized, briquette of various

shape and  size. Granules, briquettes

at glossy or mat surface

GOST 22834



GOST 13496.13

Mass fraction of moisture

Not more than 14


GOST 17421-82

Mass fraction of non-pelletized pulp

Not more than 10,0


TU RB 190239501.085-2004 п.3.18

- size of granules: 
- diameter of granules; 
- length of granules

Not more than 25 
Not more than 75


GOST 22834

Content of nitrates (NO3)

Not more than 1000,0


GOST 13496.19

Content of nitrites (NO2)

Not more than 5,0


GOST 13496.19

preparation for use

Dry or soaked

Country of origin

Republic of Belarus


In bulk or packaged (sacks, containers, bags) by all modes of transport.

Storage conditions

Unpacked, stored in bulk or in dry, clean, not infected with grain vermins, well  ventilated, closed warehouses

For purchasing sugar-beet pulp, request:

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