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2 Zavodskaya Str.,
222611 Gorodeya,
Minsk region, Belarus

Tel. + 375 1770 62 524
Fax + 375 1770 57 457
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Chapter 3. Press-Center


Gorodeya Sugar Refinery is located in Gorodeya settlement of Nesvizh district, Minsk Region, 100 km south-westerly from Minsk. Administration center of the district is town of Nesvizh, which has a very rich history

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The following architectural monuments of the second half of the 16th - beginning of the 17th centuries are well preserved in Nesvizh: Family castle of the Radzivills (1598), Roman-Catholic Church (1593), ensemble of Town Hall (1598) Benedictines’ cloister (1598), Slutsk Brahma (1610). In that period of history here there was residence of the Radzivill princely family, the richest in the medieval Europe. Nesvizh is a nice and beautiful town, which weds with the local landscape.

Roman-Catholic Church (1593)
The town council (1598)
Slutsk Brahma (1610)

Gorodeya settlement which is located 15 km away from Nesvizh also has a rich history. Fertile land surrounding the settlement determined the development of the effective agricultural farms and enterprises specializing in agro-processing. One of such enterprises is Gorodeya Sugar Refinery.