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Chapter 3. Press-Center


27.06.2016 Winning the national contest

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Commerce dd  07.06.2016 No 50 "On the results of the Republican contest for the best catering service in industrial organizations in 2015," the JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery was recognized winner in the nomination "for the introduction of new specialties and products including those based on the traditions and recipes of the Belarusian cuisine" JSC." Such catering facilities as the dining room, hotel cafe,...

24.06.2016 Stadium of the football club "Gorodeya" inaugurated after the reconstruction

On Monday, June 24, the stadium of the football club "Gorodeya" was inaugurated after the reconstruction. According to our correspondent, the opening ceremony was attended by the chairman of Nesvizh District Executive Committee Ivan Krupko, chairman of the association "Belarusian Football Federation" Sergei Rumas, the General Manager of "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery" Mikhail Kryshtapovich and other officials.  Addressing the gathering, the chairman of the...

23.06.2016 Participation in the contest

On June 17-18, 2016 the third republican review competition among amateur art organizations representing enterprises of "Belgospischeprom" was held on the premises of JSC «Grodno Tobacco Factory "Neman"». Winners were determined according to the results of the contest. "Uzoritsa", the vocal group of our company has been recognized the best choir. Besides, the National Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of Workers of AIC decided to award diplomas...

19.06.2015 Juices and nectar in a big package is economical and handy

The number of our customers, lovers of healthy food is increasing. Given the increasing interest in our juice products, we release juices and nectars in the BAG-IN-BOX packaging of 5 liters and 10 liters. This is an original packaging. It represents aseptic bag with a tap in a cardboard box. Its advantages are as follows: cost-effective, easy to transport, long-term storage. Thanks to the "air cushion" which appears in the box, juice or nectar stays cool for a long time and...

15.06.2015 JUICES WITHOUT SUGAR: tasty and healthy!

More and more consumers are concerned about their health and looking all opportunities for that not excluding a healthy diet. Stolbtsy branch of the JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery" has long been gladdening its customers with exotic JUICES WITHOUT SUGAR: "Orange", "Multifruit", "Grapefruit", "Pineapple." Our juices is a great start to a healthy lifestyle! After all, we make products out of only natural ingredients without artificial colouring...

26.05.2015 Gorodeya Sugar Refinery - The Best Sugar Mill of the Eurasian Economic Union in 2014

On May 21-22, the Second Technology Seminar of Sugar Producers - members of the EAEC was held. This year, the seminar was attended by a record number of 230 delegates, including representatives of 85 sugar factories from the Eurasian Economic Union of the CIS, companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, France and other countries. On the second day of the workshop, for practical familiarization with headmost technologies in sugar production, the participants visited the JSC...

17.03.2015 Sale of equipment

The JSC “Gorodeya Sugar Refinery”  is selling the equipment which is as follows:  1. Turbine with a generator Р4 (1959 model year) – 1 pc. 2. Trap of heavy impurities ЛТП 62 (2003 m.y.) – 2 pcs. 3. Transformer ТМЗ-1000 (1959 m.y.) (1961 m.y.) – 3 pcs. 4. Sulfur  burner  БВЯ-6 (2005 г.) – 1 pc. 5. Steam  boiler as a unit Е1/9 (1987 m.y.)- 2 pcs. 6. Mixer gear  ПМК-30 – 2 pcs. 7. Chippings conveyor...

03.03.2015 FRUIT NOVELTY for connoisseurs of home taste

Delicate taste of cherry, savoury sourness of green apple and spicy aroma of cinnamon – all these notes have interwoven in our new "CHERRY AND APPLE WITH CINNAMON JAM". This  taste reminds of house and home warmth and … Mummy's cinnamon pies. As soon as you open a jar of such jam, you can't wait to spread it on crispy bread and muffle up in a fluffy plaid, with a cup of coffee in front of the fireplace. Our new  product is for you, devotees of house and home...

16.02.2015 NOVELTY: popular and sweet exotism в cubes!

Dear customers and connoisseurs of our produce! Our novelty, next in turn, for you to rejoice is lump cane sugar in cubes of 250 g.  It was created following your desire! And specially for you lovers of exotic novelties, popular sugar in handy package is easy of access now. Unusual amber colour, sweet floral honey taste will diversify your habitual drinks. You may take it in your trip, buy it for your kitchen and explore the produce of the JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Refinery"! We...

04.02.2015 NOVELTY: sugar 250g – Just in case!

Every year we have been gladdening our customers with novelties! We are keen on studying your desires, working at perfection of the whole produce range. Our efforts have resulted in putting pressed sugar cubes in 250 g cartons for the market. Every time, while getting ready for a trip or a hike, you often think of a small box of sugar.  We offer a new product for you, dear travellers and adventurers! Moreover, such a package is very handy for those who do not consume a lot of sugar. ...